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As the end of year 2005 approaches so very rapidly, I am taking this opportunity to wish ALL MY CLIENTS, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006.

This is a generic newsletter to all my clients who I supply on a regular Standing Order or casual basis. Obviously some comments below will only be relevant to certain clients, however this opportunity does give me the chance to update my customers, old and new, with general information.

Personally the past 12 Months or so have not been very good to me! Following my encounter with the scorpion late last year, I was feeling much better until I suffered a minor stroke in early May this year resulting in a few weeks of hospital and re-habilitation thankfully there were no apparent long term effects however I have taken on board what is a real health warning for the future. Most clients would be totally unaware what I have gone through as all Standing Orders were attended to in due course clients who order on a casual basis will have noticed a delay in the supply of some orders, thought I thought I did fairly well under the circumstances.

For the future what it does mean is that my lifestyle has changed considerably I now take a daily walk at some stage, and no longer do I work the 6/7 days a week that I used to, and until late at night. My health is important to me and these changes were necessary. It does mean that I CANNOT work the long hours that I used to, however it should not cause any problems to Standing Order clients at all it may mean a small delay in the sending of all orders please understand that when I do a full Mail Out it can involve several hundred orders all have to be invoiced and packed up.

I will make every effort to supply casual orders as quickly as possible, but there may be delays from time to time depending on backlog of work. AT ALL TIMES, priority is given to firstly the ordering of New Issue material, then the completion of Standing Order matters, and then casual orders. Somewhere in between all of this I have to fit in all the letters, emails etc etc I always do my best but sometimes after a New Issue a sizable backlog occurs.

Most clients would not be aware that my Mother has assisted me for some 25 years in the business, however she has been unwell for some time and it is now 12 months since she was able to help with mail outs etc. Her spirits are good but regrettably she cannot do physically what the mind would want to.



On the back of this Newsletter, I have provided a complete Update of CRICKET New Issues received during the last 12 months. Please do check that you have everything you require for your collection I have reasonable stock of most material available when the Listing was produced, but obviously demand can vary from item to item.

I have started work on a new Updated Complete Catalogue of Cricket Stamps, however this is a very time consuming project I am hoping to have it finished by mid 2006, but no promises. Please continue to use the 2002 Catalogue in the meantime if you wish to place an order for the older material.


At long last I have completely updated my Rugby Catalogue and all Rugby clients should now have their 2006 Catalogue. Any clients still requiring a copy of this, then please let me know. It was a quiet year for Rugby New Issues and I was therefore able to get the long promised Catalogue completed. My apologies for the delay I hope the wait is worthwhile.


I regret I do not have much joy for my Golf clients. The very long promised Golf Catalogue is still just that. While I have started to put it all together, the final completion is a long way off. If you want copy of the Listing so far, then let me know and I can at least send you something at least it will prove to you that it has been started!

FINALLY, in closing this Newsletter, I must make mention about the fantastic series of Cricket Test Matches that took place in England over recent months! Congratulations to England on winning back the Ashes at long last, most of you will say! We look forward to the 2006/07 Ashes Series here in Australia, which will of course be followed soon after by the 2007 Cricket World Cup in the West Indies it will be a busy time, as I am sure there will be several West Indian Countries commemorating the event with a Stamp issue. More details on this in 12 months time.

THIS NEWSLETTER will be included in your next sending. If it does not arrive until after Christmas, then I trust that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.









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